I realized today that there are some dreams that just stay within. Its today I opened up and spoke about something that has been in my head for a long time. Well, primarily, it is possibly highly improbable and I guess the one big reason why I have never mentioned it is because, somewhere inside, […]


I hereby solemnly swear that I shall make a sincere attempt to laugh at myself at every opportunity – laugh loud and remind myself that I am but a fool on this lovely planet! Quote – ‘one who laughs at himself will never be laughed at’.. So, the renewed attempt begins not to take myself […]

Don’t take it personally…

another one in those long line of phrases that are easy to give as advise but very difficult to execute. Well, its not easy not to take it personally. Let’s take a common situation when you are yelled at without having any idea what happened or why it happened. Now, it so happens that you […]

Go slow(again..)

This is the second time this learning is coming but extremely vital considering I’m still jumping off the blocks and knocking things over. Today, an email was sent a tad too early and sadly emails/like words can’t be taken back.. speaking of which a lovely story does come to mind! There was a young kid […]

Like poles..

attract! Not true in the magnetic sense but very true in the human relationships sense. Nice insight into psychology that says if you’d like to be liked, then try and focus on similarities.. Contrary to popular thought..but psychologically true.. and more importantly, it makes sense! Aren’t we all excited when we meet people who support […]

You have enemies?

Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill I found myself meandering through a long post about something I’d learned from the law of averages. And then..just undid what I wrote and wrote this. We can’t be liked by everyone, can we? After all..its all about the law […]