Technology has changed life..

invest time into understanding technology so as to understand improve productivity and hence, quality of life! 🙂 I am technologically impaired and almost always laughed at thanks to my lack of technology IQ.. its almost funny to think I am working hard on it.. And I feel it is important that I do. The way […]

Twitter terror..

in the wake of the Mumbai attacks, a big source of the euphoria and fear has been users twittering rumors about the attacks.. in a situation as bad as this, it can’t possibly get worse.. or so we think.. but what do you do when you see dozen rumors which say almost every place in […]

Celebrate joys..

Have fun! Smile! Life is like an ice cream.. enjoy it before it melts! 🙂 Look into the mirror and ask yourself – if this was your last day, would this be the way you’d like to live it? Too many ‘No’s’ definitely means it is time to change things!