Outlier learnings..

1) It takes 10,000 hours of practice for us to become insanely good at anything. Once we are insanely good, we have a good chance of making it really big. HINT: Bill Gates had 10,000 hours of programming by the time he was 21, Ronaldo with football.. among many many other examples. 2) Not being […]

Be in the moment:

We all go through lives with different beliefs. Some believe it is Makhtub(written), others don’t. Some spend a lot of time planning ahead, some don’t.. but basically, it’s most important we remember from time to time to just be in the moment. Life’s most beautiful spectacle is now.. and it’s important we enjoy and learn […]

Pursue your dreams!:

The book(Alchemist) is about a boy who has a dream, which is his personal legend – his big purpose of living on earth and it is the story of him following his personal legend and going on a journey of adventure and learning. While the learnings are many, I hope we never forget that we […]

More old book learnings.. :)

1) Seek to understand before seeking to be understood: Try.. period! 🙂 2) Sharpen the Saw I: 4 things need to be going right for us to function well –1) Physical: via exercise ob. 🙂 2) Mental: via fodder for the mind i.e. learning, books etc 3) Spiritual: Renewing faith and ourselves..4) Emotional: Friends, family […]

Extraordinary opportunities:

Outliers are just ordinary people who grasped extra ordinary opportunties and used them to work very very hard. Basically, all success stories have a story of extraordinary opportunities behind them like Bill Gates, whose school had a main frame when most universities across the US didn’t, like the fact that Jobs, Gates, Khosla and numerous […]