The WIP folder solution..

The Situation: -> 80 odd emails came into the inbox within a period of 10 hours and I was feeling overwhelmed!-> Just looking at them was pretty stressful! 🙂 Background I put all of them into my ‘WIP‘ or ‘Work in Progress‘ folder. This folder is generally for all the emails that I can’t attend […]

The a-connect journey begins..

Firstly, I have graduated! I am now officially an Engineer thanks to having passed my final semester at the National University of Singapore. 🙂 This is a relief given the fact that engineering is just NOT my thing. And more so because I don’t feel too much connection with my faculty as a result of […]

Slow and steady..

wins the race.. We had an a very innovative fun activity. We had to come up with an advertisement in 3 hours time – a proper 30-60 second ad.. And it was SO much fun. It was a big learning curve for me as I played Director and I’d never done that before and it […]