Self Help books..

Today, thanks to a few triggers over the past few days, I began to wonder why many tend to be so averse to self help books.. Is it a fear that sets in during our the teenage years thanks to peer groups who advise us not to conform? Or are we scared that we would […]

A flurry of activity..

-> Took my 2nd GMAT and done this time once and for all – debrief coming through. -> Moved into a new place and spent the first few hours unpacking. The relief at the end of it was brilliant! ๐Ÿ™‚ -> Learnt so much from Mom in her stint here. -> Missed a Singapore time […]

Thinking it away..

This is a continuation of the overwhelmed post. Here is what really worked.. 1) Took a long walk with a football (kicking a ball helps!) 2) Picked each problem one at a time and took one action to make it get better. This process took 2 hours and it helped big time! 3 out of […]