Energy drainers

Our chief resource is not our time, but our energy. I wonder if we give as much importance to staying in high spirits as we do to ‘staying busy’. Today, I had an encounter with an ‘energy drainer‘. Now, energy drainers come in various forms – sometimes they are people, other times they are places […]


We always have less time than we think. This might seem ‘to the contrary’ if you are stuck with something that you don’t like doing, or going through an ordeal (like exams, a tough personal situation) but either way, you and I have much lesser time than we think. Because a year later, we will […]

Don’t do work you love

This was the discussion I had with a colleague as he was discussing some interesting points from a book you read. I find the argument pretty valid – ‘What if your passion was juggling? And what if you weren’t all that skilled in juggling?’ Would you still quit your day job as an IT analyst […]