The Serenity Prayer

It’s been a great year. There were many achievements, many failures, many laughs and many tears – a combination all those things that makes life, and living special. Looking ahead, I pray.. Oh Lord, Grant me the serenity, to accept the things I cannot change; the courage, to change the things I can; and the […]

Time with Grandpa

One of the highlights of time with family is the one evening of quality time I usually get with Grandpa. Family time, especially when they visit Singapore, is always very chaotic thanks to the many items on their agenda that quality time is often at a premium. Last evening, however, I sat up with Grandpa. […]

Disconnect to Connect

It’s been great to disconnect from all things internet for 2 days! The family trip to Penang helped, of course. It’s nice to stay clear of all things digital. Lots of learnings on the way through which I’ve noted on my blogroll (i.e. learnings to be blogged in the days ahead) and until then, I […]

The up and down routine

I’m a self professed ‘life learning’ enthusiast. And nothing amazes me more than life’s propensity to deal you a blow every once in a while to keep you humble. Let’s take a simple example – I’ve been looking forward to the Christmas break (which starts today) for a month. And given my last 3 weeks […]