When you take that break, try Lumosity

Lumosity is a webapp that provides specialized brain-training activities. You can use it for free, but premium accounts (which you can try free for five days) have a wider range of training options. All the exercises are pretty simple to understand and are fun to play. Lumosity’s exercises may vary for you based on the […]

On showers and big decisions

Norm Brodsky is a serial entrepreneur – one of those who has a knack of building one successful business after another. Being a man of action, Norm knew he was regularly guilty of rushing into decisions on impulse. A few businesses and many bad decisions later, he came up with a simple idea – he […]

CNN, Let your customers win

I tried this morning to sign up for email subscription of the news. I used to be a news hog and then found the whole system extremely negative as seeing gory pictures of people dying practically every day wasn’t my favorite tonic at the start so I unsubscribed for a while but after an embarrassing […]