A weather musing

I was reflecting about.. rain being seen as a sign to ‘do nothing’ in Chennai. Life, in general, used to stand still when we were faced with a few days of rain. Roads would flood, schools would give us a few days off.. and of course, it was perfectly okay to feel lazy when it […]

When it’s done, it’s done.

Done is not inking in the last letter in the 11th hour. Done typically translates to a 3rd draft (ideally) submitted with time to spare. Yes, this is NOT how we are accustomed to doing things in school/university.That’s why the ‘real’ world is called what it is called I guess. Because here, when you say […]

Digging Deep

I mulled. Dug deep. Half eager and half anxious about what I would find. For digging deep ensures not a result that might enthrall. Often what I see is not what I want to see. But what I see is not too far from the truth. That, I cannot deny. This time, I saw a […]