The Rice Cooker

Have you observed how a rice cooker works? You put in grains of rice and lots of water. Then you heat it and the cooker gradually uses the heated water to cook the rice. Required amounts are taken in, the rest is thrown out. Isn’t it much the same with our days? All the stimulus […]

Invest in your learning

I always remember the funny joke about how $20 looks extremely big when contemplating a donation to a nearby charity but looks extremely small in a bar. I remember very clearly the time when a few friends and I decided to engage a tennis coach for $15 per hour last January. I debated it a […]

On Tom Sawyer

This week’s book learning is from Dan Pink’s book on ‘Drive’. Tom had just been given the rather boring task of whitewashing his Aunt’s fence. As he began painting, his friend Ben came by, nibbling an apple. (Language below has been edited for sake of simplicity) ‘Would you like to go swimming, Tom? Don’t you […]