The ‘too short’ song

Every time I wish to connect with my ‘roots’ (i.e. Tamil music) where popular music is concerned, I always start with this song.. If you ask me what the meaning of the song is, I would tell you very plainly that I have no clue. I just find it beautiful. I haven’t cared to watch […]

Going to be a great week

Did you ask why? (even if you didn’t, I’m going to ramble on anyway. Fringe benefits of being a blogger.. haha) Here’s why. The preparation has been immaculate. A good weekend that meant having fun, spending time socially on Saturday followed by focus on some important priorities, planning the week early thanks to the big […]

On Structure and Creativity

Simplicity, as a concept, is ever so powerful. Just ask the players of Manchester United who got ripped apart yesterday by Barcelona’s consistent ‘simple’ passing game. Inspired by that, for today’s learning, I am going to leave you with a very simple idea. Let’s take a minute to study the picture below. It is one […]

The Joy of a Blip

Blips are generally not very welcome. They break momentum, they come up unexpected and can generally be a pain as they, more often than not, tend to mess up plans. And of course, stumbling and falling is not necessarily a fun experience.. Not when you have a learning blog though. A blip is a wonderful […]