Betty or Veronica?

So, Betty Cooper or Veronica Lodge? Damsel-in-distress or friend-who’s-been-with-you-during-shitty-times? Living or the martyrd dead? Arrogant showman or humble success? Doting boyfriend or wily casanova? Who would you choose? Economics assumes that we should always choose in our self interest. But just like economics assumes that we make better choices when we have more options, this […]

The Grass and Greener

I was on the flight to San Francisco from London and was conversing with the passenger in the next seat. This girl was reflecting on her stay in London and spoke about London being her dream place to live. She was a student at Berkeley and was here on an internship. My reaction to one […]

On Approach and Richard Feynman

This week’s learning draws inspiration from ‘Surely you’re joking, Mr Feynman’ by Richard P Feynman. When I began reading Richard Feynman’s autobiography, I expected to understand what made this Nobel Laureate tick. Of course, I expected to hear his life story and all his accomplishments in the field of Physics.. but I wasn’t prepared to […]


There’s almost never been a better age for a musician. Thanks to the iPod, YouTube and Smartphones, the world is literally a stage. Now, of all the songs produced, we have many ‘good’ songs, some very good and few ‘great’. Very very very few, though, become ‘Anthems.’ I call them ‘Anthems’ because it doesn’t matter […]


Half awake I lay I love those moments When I flirt with consciousness To wake up or not to wake up To think or not to think While I was thinking thus My mind wandered And spent a few moments remembering the old couple The old couple I’d seen on the train Helping each other […]

John Wooden and Perfect Socks

Harsha Bhogle wrote a very good article on the need to ‘sweat the small stuff’. He wrote it in the wake of India’s crushing defeat in cricket at the hands of England. The point he makes reminded me of this story.. John Wooden, the coach who won 10 basketball championships for UCLA in 12 years, […]