On Saints, Jerks and Food Donations

This week’s book learning draws inspiration from ‘Switch’ by Dan and Chip Heath- A group of 100 Stanford students were first identified, based on past behavior, as either charitable or uncharitable i.e. as saints or jerks. Next, half of these students got a basic letter – bring canned food to the booth at the Tressider […]

Venga Boys

A close friend just started a new email feature called ‘You know it’s going to be a great day when..’ this week. As a result, I get an email and a fun song in my inbox before I wake up. This has proved to be VERY energizing first thing in the morning as I have […]

Pecking Order

In the 1920s, Norwegian Biologist Throlief Schjelderup Ebbe observed a group of hens thrown together and given some food. After an initial bout of anarchy and fighting, the hierarchy among the hens is established. Every hen knew where it stood in the chain and the hens then ate the food only when the one above […]

Managing Time vs Managing Myself

I was reflecting on the post on my recent trip being Short, But Meaningful and I realized that I’m finally begin to learn and understand the difference between managing time and managing myself. Managing time appeals to the ‘manager’ within.Managing myself appeals to the ‘leader’ within. Managing time, hence, focuses on optimization (eg: Scheduling back to back […]

Joeri van Geelen: Interview III – RealAcad Mondays

This week on RealAcad Mondays, we have another guest contribution thanks to Youssef.Youssef is a RealAcader from the 2nd Stanford camp this year. Youssef has already run a speed-chess competition venture in Morocco and even had the honor of playing a game with famous Russian Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov.Youssef is greatly inspired by Joeri – Joeri […]

The 24 Hour Challenge

It’s funny how Robin Sharma’s email inspire me to some action. It is thanks to one of his notes that I felt inspired enough to wake up early in the morning, and thus discovered the ‘Hour of Power’. Another one of Robin Sharma’s pointers that stuck was to switch off for 24 hours during a […]


I am a reluctant movie watcher. In most cases, it takes about 10 recommendations before I watch a movie and especially if it’s part of a trilogy. There are two reasons for this. The first is I’m not much of a movie guy. And the second is, once I’m hooked, it’s very hard for me […]