On the 39 Dollar Virgin Flight

This week’s book learning is from ‘Screw it, Let’s do it’ by Sir Richard Branson. 28 year old Richard Branson and to-be wife Joan were heading to Puerto Rico from holiday in the Carribean. But, when they reached the airport, they were told their flight was cancelled. All the passengers were roaming about looking lost. […]

Taking a Break

I’ve been feeling a bit out of balance lately. The last few weekends have been way too busy for my own liking. So, I’m taking a break this evening. And doing nothing. So, I did a Google image search for relax and I found the picture of this hammock. I thought about that for a […]

Learning to Thank People

We all undergo training and preparation. It’s good to learn how to do things right. We do this for learning about the new IT system to be used at work, for learning a new instrument, a new sport etc. However, we go through the most important things in life without ever really going through any […]

Why Rafael Nadal is THE Greatest Role Model While Not Being The Greatest Ever Player

I don’t like ‘Greatest Ever Player’ debates. I don’t think they’re right. You can’t compare players across generations. But, of course, there can be a group of ‘Greatest Ever Players’. That’s my view. That said, since we’re going to have the debate anyway, I’ll weigh in. If you do want to think about the greatest […]

How to Live as Long as the Rich

I found this article from CBS Moneywatch very interesting. The highlights are as follows. A recent study released in the U.K. revealed that the gap in life expectancy between the rich and poor is widening. At age 65, men in the highest socio-economic group are living, on average, 3.5 years longer than those in the […]

In my Gut

I was wrestling internally with regards to the post this morning. There were two posts sitting in my head – one on dealing with rejection and the other on something in my gut. The line of thought behind dealing with rejection was clear. I’ve been dealing with a lot of rejection from unlikely sources over […]