Grandmom’s Spirit and Steve Jobs

I gifted Grandmom an iPad over Christmas so we could start using FaceTime to video call each other.

The iPad is truly amazing for someone like her – easy to use, large screen and easy to carry around. I had attempted to teach her how to use a computer to video chat before I left home for university but she’d found that way too complex. As a result, she’s been dependent on Mom to be home on weekends for a Skype video call.

Thanks to the iPad, that could now change.

(I wish I had a photo of Grandmom with the iPad!)

That said, I’ll be the first to admit that I was sceptical about whether she’d take to it. She’s a few days away from turning 70 after all. The effect of age on learning new things is not to be underestimated.

But, my god.. has she blown me away! She’s taken learning to a whole new level. Once she’d understood FaceTime, she wanted to learn how to email. And a measure of success is the fact that I received a 3 line email from her full of typos (blessed autocorrect!) with love you and I am learning being the only 2 phrases that were decipherable. Damn cute!

Email will only bring us closer.

She is also well versed at FaceTime now. We have to fix the minor problem of her keeping the iPad wrapped safely under two layers of protection as this means the mild FaceTime ring isn’t audible. We’re getting there.

I hear she’s literally a woman on a mission now. She’s out with the iPad every time Mom is at home asking for a tutorial and clearing her doubts. And Mom has been in awe of her spirit and determination to figure the iPad out.

And that’s really what I wanted to celebrate this morning – spirit. We have an innate curiosity, an innate nature that likes to figure things out. Watching my Grandmom on the iPad is a great reminder to keep the fire burning, always.

And, on that note, thank you to Steve and Apple for making technology easy. You are now bringing families closer – what a difference these things make.

Have a great day, everyone.