Audible Magic

I remember hearing about audio books five years ago from a wiser friend and thinking ‘That’s CRAZY. You can listen to books?’

Fast forward a year later, I was walking around an excited kid in university with a horde of audio books on my Palm Treo (a phone). Well, I wasn’t walking around much. Most of life in university is spent on shuttle buses and those rides suddenly had new purpose – I was reading! (well, listening technically..)

For someone who hadn’t been reading for a few years, Audible opened up a realm of possibilities, especially the fact that there needn’t be ‘down time’ any more. Time spent commuting, waiting in queues etc could now be spent reading. And I remember feeling like an excited 3 year old as I listened to Virtues of War (a story of Alexander the Great) narrated by John Lee with my mouth open in awe at his amazing narration skills. I used to feel chills running down my spine when Lee said something like such was the pride of being a soldier of Alexander!

It really was magic.

The expectations on this new world were extremely high. And four years down the line, Audible has met, and more often than not, exceeded those expectations.

And, over time, I had friends and family who began testing Audible out. For the listeners, this turned out to be game changing as they realized that not being able to get through reading  a book didn’t mean not being able to read anymore. For a few readers who could never find enough time to read anyway, Audible turned out to be something they listened to on their commutes to work and during their down time.

Over time, 9 out of a close circle friends of family and friends are now Audiblers (made up term, of course). And that’s very high impact in my book. 2 others just couldn’t get through listening, which I can understand. But, when I think of the simple fact that 10 of us are reading more than we can ever imagine thanks to Audible, I’m simply astounded at the impact Audible has had on our lives. In my case, the impact this wiser friend has had..

And, while I’m at it, Audible has been fantastic in terms of customer service. When I think of products I recommend actively, Audible and Disqus come first to mind.

So, if you aren’t reading as much as you’d like to, give audible a shot.

Who knows? It might just change your life..

PS: For those who are reading this, going through a ‘This is CRAZY’ reaction and feeling the need for some more information, do feel free to ask away in the comments or even email me if you prefer to do so in private. This is one tool I’ve seen having massive positive impact and happy to help any way I can to help you with the same.