Energy Health

We’re all well versed to look out for sickness – temperature goes up, stomach starts paining etc. The moment we fall sick, we know that it’s time to take a break. And we generally do. Take a day or two off, watch some TV, eat healthy etc.

With that, we take care of our physical well-being.

I’m convinced that there’s a second kind of sickness – energy sickness. And I’m also pretty convinced that this is actually more important because this is a sickness in our minds. We all go through this from time to time – feeling of uncertainty, nervous energy, more mistakes and the like.

Unlike physical sickness, this sort is hard to spot, harder to diagnose and is hence, harder to cure.

I’m guessing mental well-being comes from balance (it’s a hypothesis!). The moment we’re out of balance, we feel the difference. If we’re too far out of balance, we might even feel a fever! But, often, we don’t get too far out of balance and just move along out of balance enough to not feel so good. We have no idea what’s wrong but we can sense something being amiss.

That’s the time to take a break. Our gut serves as a very good warning system. I think of it like the body’s natural winter.

When we think about it, the seasons have a big effect on our body. I grew up in places where there wasn’t much difference between the seasons, really (unless you count hot, hotter and hottest). Now, I feel the difference a lot more.

I seemed to be doing an entire personal mental spring clean over the past month or so asking myself many basic questions, having many long conversations with people close to me, re-aligning and somehow, resisting doing anything new! That’s very unusual but I’ve just not felt the right energy to get started on something new. All the effort seemingly went into preserving the status quo. On reflection, I realize that it was a warning sign and it was good I was sensitive enough to listen to these signs.

The good news with all kinds of sickness is that time takes care of them. So, if you’re going through one of those spring cleaning periods, give it time..

Following my energy has been one of my biggest learnings over the past year or so. Being able to understand this difference was a start. I’m slowly understanding the seasonal difference – there’s a natural time for reflection, action, more action, reduced action, end of year joy.

Man for all seasons, I hope.. (haha).

Oh, and one of the newer things I’ve started doing is a touch of meditation on one leg of my long commute. I keep it very simple. Close my eyes, focus on breathing and typically have a book in my ear to listen to. It’s been very helpful. And I hope to continue with the habit.

Have a nice week!