The Rag Picker

As I was laying half awake yesterday, my mind drifted to a rag picker I’d seen a couple of days ago. As I lay about in my comfortable bed, I thought about what he must have been doing at that time – probably laying curled up on the side walk. The next day would be […]

Handling the Small Blips

I often think of the line about goal keepers ‘A goal keeper is only as good as he is on his worst days.’ It’s a brilliant line and so very true. I am sure you’ve watched one of football, hockey or ice hockey in your life and in any of these games, the stars are […]

WLFJ Wednesdays – I need your help

Here’s an idea – I see blogs for start up CEOs, many blog posts for big company CEO’s on places like Harvard Business Review (“Have you tested your strategy lately?”), a few blogs for those amidst their careers but hardly ever see blogs or posts dedicated to juniors. Granted, there’s the occasional post about lessons […]

Crack a Joke when Annoyed

Of late, I’m working very hard on a simple idea  – crack a joke when I’m annoyed. These days, I’m more aware than ever before on when my buttons are most likely to be pushed and many a time, I see it coming. Yet, I still let my annoyance show. I don’t believe in screaming […]

Richard Stallman, Founder of Free Software Foundation: Interview XIII – Real Leader Interviews

Richard Stallman was at the National University of Singapore to give speeches about the Free Software Movement. The red and blue posters were apparently all around campus. And the Real Leader team felt the opportunity to meet him for a Real Leader Interview was practically staring-in-the-face. After an exchange of e-mails and sunrises, they were […]

Taking the Plunge

Ages ago, I wrote this.. The Plunge The night was cold. I had been debating whether to take the plunge or not. The pool was empty. I had left my towel back at the villa on purpose. Somewhere within, I did know that the fitness centre didn’t give towels. It was a ready made excuse, […]