Thanks to a couple of my little weekend projects, one of the things I do every week is collect short stories with messages. These are extremely useful and are a recurring activity. In fact, a close friend sends me a story every week. I couldn’t be happier. I am always looking for great short stories. […]

The Stuff You Are Made Of

Josef Pep Guardiola has left Barcelona Football Club. If you aren’t American, you’ve likely heard of Barcelona football (read: soccer) club in the past 4 years. Even if you are American, you probably have. Barcelona football club have taken the game to a whole new level in the past 4 years or so and have […]

When I Get Sad..

This weekend, a close friend wrote in with a note sharing a video of Barney Stinson from the sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ Now, I haven’t ever watched this sitcom but boy, this video really hit home. This friend has begun repeating this out of habit when he’s feeling sad, sick, angry or low […]

Work Hack Wednesdays: Sleep

I’ve had a bit of a history of misunderstanding the importance of sleep. I remember going through this phase in university when I thought of sleep was a waste of time. Plus, there were so many other exciting things happened all at once and I used to end up not sleeping enough for a few […]

A Pinch of Salt

We meet many a person and encounter many a situation from time to time. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of this. It’s easy to be too kicked by a small success or to take a failure too seriously, to be overly annoyed with a small annoying flaw of a person we like or […]

On Social Norms in Business

This week’s book learning is from ‘Predictably Irrational’ by Dan Ariely. After a break from market and social norms, we are back with one (final) interesting observation on market/social norms. A group of lawyers were asked a question. ‘Would you offer less expensive services to needy retirees?’ Most said No. (i.e. rates are lower than […]


Stephen Covey defines integrity simply as the ability to make and keep commitments. I love the definition as it simplifies the oft-used term and conveys the real essence. And, at the end of the day, what is life if not just an endless string of commitments? To family, colleagues, clients, friends and probably most important […]