What is Life..

if we don’t share our emotions and beliefs with those around us? It’s great if to be professional, cool and calculated but the effect of a laugh (a proper one!)on a serious conference call or that of an emotional story is one that can’t be described in words. For, at the end of the day, […]

When the Shoes are Right…

Around this time 4 years or so ago, I remember walking into Queensway Shopping Centre, the best place to buy sports shoes in Singapore. An older and wiser friend was looking to buy shoes for football on the grass. We were regulars on the hard court and decided to make the switch for a little […]

On Apple’s Organization by Function/Strengths

This week’s book learning is from ‘Inside Apple’ by Adam Lashinsky. An interesting insight about Apple’s organization was it’s focus on function/strengths. Let’s take a couple of examples – – The head of Retail has control over matters like selection of the site, it’s design and in matters of real estate involving Apple’s retail shops […]

Insight and Fights

Insight – Isn’t that where the value is? Why would you be reading this if there wasn’t any insight? It’s fairly easy to just write every day. I’m not quite sure I might have agreed with that line 4 years ago. But things change. And I don’t struggle with the discipline of writing anymore. But […]

Fun Friday: The Haircut Index

3 years or so ago, I subscribed to Investopedia’s term of the day in an attempt to broaden my knowledge of the financial world. While I’ve never grown to love the service/feel any attachment from it, I do read it nearly every day. Yesterday’s tip was the ‘Hot waitress Index’ – an index that measures […]


I looked the time as I began writing this post. 6:39AM. Ten minutes late today. Deadline: 20 minutes. Need to say something sensible but yet need it to be concise and short. Look through blog ideas waiting for a new one to pop up as that’s what happens more often than not. A dose of […]