Off The Cuff

“It was only an off-the-cuff remark. Man, that was taken ever so seriously.” – I complained to a friend. His reply was classic. “You’re past the age where you will actually say something stupid on purpose. Now, it’s your off-the-cuff remarks that will land you into trouble.” It’s a line I’ve been thinking about a […]

Making Your Circumstances

Today’s good morning quote is one from Napoleon Bonaparte – Circumstances? I make circumstances. I’ve written about my struggle with balancing push and pull over the years when it comes to attempting to get what I want. I’m convinced that the magic, like in most other things, lies somewhere in between the two. We need […]

On Depression and Delusion

This week’s learning is from ‘The Geography of Bliss’ by Eric Weiner. Martin Seligman, founder of the positive-psychology movement conducted multiple experiments exploring how happy people and depressed people remembered their pasts. He was surprised to find only one fundamental difference – – Happy people remembered more good events in their lives than actually occurred […]

Remembering the Hill People

I spent a week with the ‘hill people’, as they called themselves, last week while trekking in the Himalayas. A detailed post on the experience is due on Saturday. I’ve been saving it for the weekend since it’s hard to do justice to a (likely lengthy) post of that nature on a weekday before heading […]