The Extra Mile

We used to have a tradition of speeches in the morning assembly at the High School I studied in. Our Principal used to often chip in with a nice story and message after a student’s speech and other announcements. I remember listening to one about the ‘extra mile’ and wondering about the concept. As a […]

Seeking Diverse Experiences

I’ve seen 2 things happen when seeking, and finding, diverse experiences. Firstly, there is an much higher sense of appreciation. It is only after learning tennis for a while did I truly understand the genius in Roger Federer. You have got to have done it, or attempted to do it to know what it takes. […]

On Repeating What You Hear

This week’s (early) book learning is from ‘Influence’ by Robert Cialdini. A group of researchers ran an experiment on tips received by service staff in a restaurant. The study revealed the following – – The practice that received lowest tips was passively saying ‘okay’ (as this led the customer to wonder if the cheeseburger would […]

Pay It Forward

I’ve been fortunate to have some truly wonderful people who have made a massive difference in my life. I am probably most thankful to a friend who did more than anyone else has done in this regard, in many ways. While he has definitely played a very positive role all through, he was the one […]

Everybody is a Reporter

Everybody is a Reporter today. Of course, just being a reporter doesn’t necessitate that the quality of reporters has gone up. But, thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and the like, there is a lot of reporting going on. A hundred years ago, if a company committed fraud, all it had to do was make sure […]