Giving Yourself a Chance

A friend of mine has been a Liverpool football club fan since the 1980’s. (He must have been stereotyped as a “glory hunter” in those days :-)). He remembers the glory days very clearly. And he has been watching the current season with nervous trepidation. Liverpool have not yet won a game this season but […]


People or Behaviour? Events or Ideas? Small talk or Insight? Past or Future? What are you going to talk about today? What’s on our mind is often in our mouths. Perhaps, the question should then be – What are you going to think about today?

Journeying Through Failure

Success is good for us. It builds our confidence and makes us feel good. Failure, on the other hand, can be tough on our mind and spirit. The funny thing about success, however, is that success would be impossible without failure. In fact, the bigger the success, it is likely that we have experienced more […]

Work Hacks Wednesdays: Figure out if you are an Introvert or an Extravert

Fact #1: Introversion and extraversion are amongst the most misunderstood concepts about human behavior. Fact #2: Social skills and personality are not what these are about. Introversion and extraversion are all about where we get energy from. Fact #3: There is no such thing as a 100% introvert/extravert. We are all somewhere in the spectrum […]

Accepting Help

The Late Stephen Covey had a nice analogy for growth – he said we moved from dependence (the baby phase) to independence (the teenage phase) to interdependence (the adult phase). One of the characteristics of the teenage phase is feeling uncomfortable when accepting help. I guess we like being safe in the knowledge that we […]

On Reading Body Language II

This week’s book learning is from ‘What Every Body is Saying’ by Joe Navarro. After last week’s two principles that highlighted that our legs are the most honest parts of our body and that covering any part of our body is a lymbic reaction that betrays our discomfort, we look at the next 2 key […]


It’s a beautiful day here in London and I’m amidst all the Saturday chores. The sort of day when you feel like motoring on and getting things done.. A conversation this morning sparked some reminiscing about the ‘old days’. In particular, it was the mention of my Grandmom describing the years I grew up to […]

Making Decisions

“If you are traveling with a child or infant, please make sure you attend to yourself before you attend to the child.” Image by Roger Schultz The premise in one of the most recognized safety announcements in the world is simple – if you aren’t taken care of, taking care of others is out of […]