Wasting Time

It makes a lot of sense to waste time because we want to. Downtime is important. It’s great to chill out every once in a while and do nothing – just because we can. It makes no sense to waste time because we are stuck (and frustrated..) or have nothing else to do. Stuck in […]

The Age of Mental Toil

Until recently (in age of the earth terms), our survival as human beings depended a lot on our physical strength. The ability to physically toil on a field for harvest or to fight in gruelling circumstances was often directly proportional to our wealth and success. In the last 50 odd years, this has changed. We […]

On Entity Theory Anxiety

This week’s book learning is from ‘9 Things Successful People Do Differently’ by Heidi Halvorson. Last week, we looked at two types of explanations for performance and excellence – entity theory i.e. abilities are fixed and incremental theory i.e. abilities are fluid. To test the effect of this beliefs on anxiety levels, researchers tested a […]

Staying With Problems

We all wrestle with problems of varying shapes and sizes every day of our lives. We all have our ways of approaching these problems. It is not uncommon to face problems that seem unsolvable at first. That’s just life. These problems stretch our thinking, enable us to question our assumptions and ask meaningful questions. I […]

How You Make People Feel

Seth Godin had a fantastic post yesterday about the only purpose of customer service. He states a point that companies often forget – customer service is all about the “feeling” customers walk away with. If you screw up on that regard, your customer service is a failure. I was thinking about feelings the other day […]

Un-sequenced and Messy

Like most man made creations, education attempts to makes us believe in the sequential. You are sitting one day on your desk, thinking about a cool concept and voila! a great idea strikes, you think about it, make a lean business plan, make a product, secure funding if required and you’re on your way to […]