Making Lists

Doing little things every day is what differentiates those who live well and those who don’t. In fact, I’d go on a limb and a say that does with the consistent good habits are those who achieve extraordinary success. I think we misunderstood the message from the heavens on who the world really belongs to. […]

N and o

It’s amazing how powerful these 2 letters are, together. In combination, they have.. .. shot down many a great idea. .. killed many a great initiative. .. caused rejection paralysis in human beings all over. .. resulted in many singles wondering if they would ever find a partner. .. infused fear, which has crippled action, […]

Taking control of our lives

Let’s face it – there are very few events we actually control. For the most part, life just happens to us. And we spend a big chunk of our time reacting to these events. That said, there are big parts of certain constants we actually do control. For example, we don’t control what others think […]


Want to finish that bar of chocolate? Play that extra hour on the play station? Wear that expensive dress and go for a fancy dinner?  Curl up in your bed and just read a book in quiet? Go for it. Don’t think twice. Tomorrow, we can go about worrying about all of life’s little problems […]