Update the new year wish

It’s new year’s season and wishes such as – “May this year bring you success, wealth, joy and happiness” etc. Here’s a thought – why don’t we all update our new year wish, just a little bit? Do we really just hope the year will bring “success”, “wealth” etc. What about disappointments, frustrations and all […]

Happy Holidays

It’s time for the holidays, for rest, reflection and relaxation. The new year will be upon us soon, and will usher in new hopes, dreams and promises. That’s still a few days away though. For now, let’s enjoy the good food, the rest and celebrate a year that’s gone by. For those still working, I […]

Learning from Hits vs Misses

You just finished a presentation and are sitting down for a debrief with your team. What do you focus your energy on? The “hits”? or the “misses”? If you are following normal habits, you will likely gloss over the hits and go really deep into the misses. That’s the norm – don’t focus on the […]

On 10 Questions with Yourself

This week’s book learning is the traditional final book learning of the year. The year end review form has become tradition by now. This year, however, the sheet has undergone a bit of an overhaul to include questions regarding deliberate practice (for example). Here are links to the DOC and PDF versions to ensure you […]

Process vs Outcome

There are 2 ways to approach anything in life – By process or by results. We can choose to measure our success and happiness by the results we have generated or by the process/method we apply to life. The catch, of course, is that the external world judges us by our results. As a result, […]