During a manic period last week, I attempted to excuse myself for not staying in touch by explaining to my Grandmom that I barely had time to keep anyone informed about anything. She pointed out that I had time to write a one line email to Mom. Why not send her the note, too? Here’s […]

“Good Skill!”

I was heading into a test the other day when a wiser friend wished “Good skill!.” “Good skill?” – I asked. “Skill always better than luck.” – he said. I loved it. ‘Only a naive person would discount the effect of luck on success. Only a fool would count on it.’

On the 3M Brainstorming Experiment

This week’s book learning is from Quiet by Susan Cain and is part of a series on “Brainstorming and Peer Pressure”. (Part 1) In 1963, researcher Marvin Dunnette brought together 48 research scientists and 48 advertising executives from 3M for solitary and group brainstorming sessions. For the “group” case – They were each divided into […]

Fun Saturday: The Piano Guys

The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin is full of interesting ideas. One of them that has stuck with me is “Art is not a gene or special talent. Art is an attitude, culturally driven and available to everyone who chooses to adopt it. Art isn’t something sold in a gallery or performed on a stage. […]

The Typo or the Idea

There is a slide up on the screen describing an idea. There are a couple of obvious typos and a couple of funny font size differences. What do you see first? The typos or the ideas? If you are like me, the typos and the funny font sizes will probably irk you. I often feel […]

Seek Out the Jedi Model

Apprenticeship has been called many things over time and across civilizations. The ancient Greeks practiced it by studying philosophy under teachers like Aristotle and Socrates. The ancient Indians called it the “Gurukula” system wherein students spent 12 years or more at the home of a teacher. Apprenticeship passed down from family to family in Europe […]