Finding great beaches

The easy-to-access beaches are always full of people. They’re nice fun places for a while thanks to the abundance of activity. They feel boring and crowded very soon though. Great beaches are never easy-to-access. They have that 1 kilometre walk from the mainland amidst bushes and thickets. The wonderful thing about this additional “resistance” is […]

Are you doing it for the likes?

If you are building a business, it matters what your customer thinks. If you are rolling out a new feature, your customers ‘like’ matters. It’s not the case if you are making your art, though. The only ‘like’ that ought to matter is yours. The likes of Facebook and Twitter threaten to make life an […]

Embracing the Counter Intuitive

Our brain took no chances with our lymbic system – the centre that controls our most basic responses such as fight, flight, or fright – and nestled it deep in our brains. Evolution also endowed us with the pre-frontal cortex that has the ability to override the lymbic system from time to time aided by […]


Today, you are as old and wise as you have ever been. You are also as young and naive as you have ever been. Today also happens to be the day when we are as advanced as a civilization as we have ever been. And yet, we have a long road of advancement ahead, too. […]