Just do something..

You won’t get it right the first time. You will have to learn as you go. You will make tons of mistakes. You will feel like an idiot when you reflect on your thought process 15 years later. That’s okay. 15 years later, you won’t regret stupidity.. but you sure-as-hell will regret inaction. Just do […]

The challenges never stop

It’s tempting to wait for this issue to get sorted before smiling more, celebrating more, and being happy more. Life is an endless stream of issues – some bigger than others and all capable of taking up all your head space if you just let them. Today is as good a time as any to […]

Not fair? Just dig deeper..

Newspapers love selling stories about extravagant salaries and lives of sport stars, celebrities, and entrepreneurs who’ve made a ton of money. Many of these stories are designed to have us look at their lives, sigh, and ask “Where is the justice in this world? It just isn’t fair.” And if you’ve found yourself doing that, […]

Entertaining 2 conflicting thoughts at once

Looking ahead triggers desire and ambition while looking at how far you’ve come triggers happiness and contentment. The feelings around looking ahead can change markedly depending on when you’re looking ahead. If you are experiencing one of those rare moments when you feel completely in control, looking ahead can be fun as it’s full of […]

Write to a teacher

Today, set aside 10 minutes to write to a teacher. A teacher needn’t be a teacher in the traditional sense. It can be anyone who’s taught you something, consciously or unconsciously. Tell them what you’re up to, tell them what you’re learning, and share your experiences. If you are short of words, just say thank […]

Stop judging your progress

Your lost calories don’t show up when you look at your exercise scores at the end of the first week. They show up after 30 weeks of exercise. By then, of course, you’ve judged your progress as insignificant, stopped exercising altogether, and let the resistance win. Scr*w the over-analysis of the results. Stop judging your […]

Just Do It

Today’s post is courtesy of The ALearningaDay Challenge. We have 11 participants who are going all out on daily blogging, daily book reading, and daily exercise. I’m sure I’ll get down to putting together an index of all their blogs soon. But, for a taste, do check out The Book Bytes Project. With 14-15 book […]

Changing the world

You are the biggest part of your life experience. You see the world through your eyes, process it with your thoughts, and act with your motives and ideas. When you sign up to learning and changing yourself bit-by-bit every day, you see these thoughts, motives, and ideas change. So, in changing yourself, you do change […]