Aage ya peeche?

(“Aage ya peeche” in Hindi stands for “Front or back?”) I was at a Saturday league football (read soccer) game a couple of hours ago. This was only my second game with the team and I was taking corners. I put 3 hopeful corners in but we didn’t have much luck – no goals. The […]

Be average

Patricia Ryan Madson, author of Improv Wisdom, says principle #5 of Improv is “Be average.” She says it’s important to be prepared to be average because you might never get around to doing anything if you’re waiting for the day you’ll roll out a perfect performance. Improv requires you to be prepared to fail simply […]

All is hardly ever well

Look at all your key fulfilment factors – career, finance, health and fitness, relationships, mental and learning, and life and happiness – and you will find that all is hardly ever well. On average, you will always have 1 that is going bad, one that needs attention and the rest will be relatively smooth sailing. […]

Jiro’s work friends

I watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi once again over the past 2 weekends. I think I should make it a point to watch this great movie every couple of months as it brings forth a new insight every time. What stood out to me was the nature of Jiro’s suppliers. Jiro’s tuna supplier was anti-establishment […]

On Hiring Products to Do a Job – Part II

This week’s book learning is from How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton Christensen. (Part 1) Have you ever wondered why Ikea has never been copied? The company is very successful and any competitor can walk through its stores, reverse engineer its products, and copy its catalog. Yet, it’s never been done. Clay Christensen’s […]

Judgments and Hypocrisy

My writing coach had an important tip for me – “Write like you want to convince someone.” Art and judgments go hand in hand, I learnt. You have to pick a side and speak with your biases. If you’re not willing to take a stand and describe what you believe, then you’re just being a […]

HOW fascinating

When a player in Benjamin Zander’s orchestra makes a mistake (or on occasions Zander himself), Ben makes it a point to stop and say, with a beaming smile, “HOW fascinating!” The best managers I’ve worked with are those who don’t rub it in when I make a mistake. If you care about the work you’re […]