Plan-the-day template

A manager I worked with recommended the following plan-the-day structure (screenshot below) as a way of keeping track of everything you’d like done in a day.  In addition to that, he rightly pointed out that I didn’t keep an archive of tasks done to refer to in case it was ever necessary (like I might […]

Savor it

There are many movies, books, and blog posts that talk about the importance of savoring time with our loved ones. I’m not sure how many of those have any real impact. And I’m not sure how many of us savor it nearly as much as we should. I’ve had long stints away from my loved […]

iTunes Radio

Now that all the noise about the iOS7 and iPhone 5S/C launches have died down, I’d like to share my vote for the best part of the launch. While I’ve enjoyed iOS7 so far, my vote for best feature is iTunes Radio hands down. I honestly can’t get enough of it. I believe music listeners […]

Some days just suck

Dramatic headline, I know. Allow me to explain. I was in the midst of a really crap day a few days back. There were a couple of things that just seemed to be going against what I’d hoped for and this was compounded by a few minor annoyances that always loom like mountains on a […]

Somebody sets the tone

Somebody does set the tone. A meeting can range from productive to friendly to creative to dead boring. A team’s culture can be one of warmth, care, or pure attrition. Friends could share a culture built around nicotine, baseball, or valuable conversations. Families can do tight hugs or awkward hugs. Somebody, consciously or unconsciously sets […]

Andrew Hallam – The Millionaire Teacher on teaching investing, investing, and living..

I read Andrew Hallam’s book following my interview with financial theorist and author Bill Bernstein. Bill recommended Andrew’s book “The Millionaire Teacher” and I can’t thank him enough for it. I liked it so much that I’ve gifted about 10 copies to friends and family over the past couple of months. Interviewing Andrew was a […]