A friday evening compliment

At a previous project, we used to have a core team meeting on Friday evening where the project team updated the senior stakeholders of our progress. The meeting was the last thing in the day on Friday and we used to follow up with a next steps email afterward. More often than not, we’d have […]

Giving you a million..

..will not help you stay a millionaire in the long term. In fact, it could sabotage your chances. Lottery winners hardly ever use their lottery winnings productively. Why? The answer lies in the “how.” It is one thing to get a million and quite another to “be” a millionaire. To be a millionaire requires you […]

Writing for thanksgiving

I think Thanksgiving has got to be one of the coolest traditions ever. I like the simplicity of the idea – give thanks. Despite not having anything to do with the holiday culturally (I have never lived in the US or Canada), I love the idea and have been celebrating it over the last few […]