I’d like to share 2 songs that have been a big part of this week – thanks iTunes Radio. Music like this inspires me – they’re both the kind of song you believe you can make yourself – they are so beautiful in their simplicity It’s easy to complicate music (and life). And we do. […]

Help2Grow is legal

After a few delays, I am happy to announce that Help2Grow is finally a legal charitable trust registered in India. There is a bit of work to be done so we can get our bank accounts up in the next 2 weeks but, finally, we’re getting set to get to work. Help2Grow was founded on […]


This week’s 200 words project idea (coming to you this weekend) was one about how radiologists’ scans became more accurate when they saw patient photographs on their report. An old co-worker and friend, who received it via email, responded saying the message was apt as she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer last week. […]

Don’t be the turkey

A friend shared the graph describing a thanksgiving turkey’s well-being the few months before thanksgiving. Your current state feels great – you are being fed well and you live a good life. This gets reinforced with time and you have every reason to feel better and better about yourself and life. Until.. Source: We […]

Elim Chew – Founder of Singapore Street Wear Brand 77th Street

The Real Leaders Project 2014 edition is here. We have an exciting new year planned for you. We kick-start the year with an interview with Elim Chew, founder of Singapore Street Wear Brand 77th Street. Aside from being one of Singapore’s respected entrepreneurs, Ms Chew was recently honored as a Forbes Asia Hero of Philanthropy. […]

Do the work

Sometimes, it’s helpful to remind ourselves that we ought to stop over-thinking things. Stop over analyzing the ideas, the plans, the timing, and the environment. The conditions will never be perfect. Just go out. Pick up the shovel. Do the work.

A “To Think” list

I’ve spent a lot of time with to-do lists. I think I understand them and I’m sure I know how to work them. I was aided by some psychology lessons in various books with a special mention to “Ready for Anything” by David Allen (thanks David). To-do lists are useful tools if used appropriately and […]