Focusing on a process

When we started working on “The Real Leaders Project” as a team 2 years ago, we set ourselves this lofty (or so it felt at that time) goal – we would publish an interview every 2 weeks and we would aim to interview people that inspired us. I don’t think we knew what we were […]

Liking what’s not real

Bollywood movies would have you believe that Indian life has a lot of singing and dancing and chasing your loved ones around trees in beautiful landscapes. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Visit Mumbai and it’s unlikely you’ll find much singing, dancing, or public displays of affection. I think we love entertainment that doesn’t […]

Interview with Abhishek Radhakrishnan, Co-Founder of LambdaMu games

This week’s edition of is an interview with the founder of a promising mobile gaming start-up. Very few mobile gaming start-ups actually succeed in generating revenues and I was keen to hear from Abhishek Radhakrishnan as to how they managed to crack the code. The other important detail here is that Abhishek is a […]

The Kindle and Enid Blyton

I grew up reading Enid Blyton, a British novelist. I don’t know if this is an Indian thing but Enid Blyton was the most common children’s author when were growing up. I owe Enid Blyton’s book a lot – her stories ensured I had a childhood full of stories of kids who solved mysteries and […]

Rejections and the long term

I had reached out to Gina Trapani, founder of Lifehacker, for an interview for the Real Leaders Project this weekend. She responded within 48 hours (thanks Gina) and said it didn’t look like she’d be able to make time for it in the foreseeable future. Instead of being disappointed, I was actually pretty happy. And […]

Congratulations Whatsapp

Whatsapp is my favorite social network by a country mile. I blogged about it six months back, it’s numbers and growth have been consistently through the roof, and Facebook has now validated it by paying $19 Billion for it. A few observations/thoughts – 1. Mark Zuckerberg is probably reading “The Innovator’s Dilemma.” I think this […]

Numbers and stats

You might have started your blog/website with the noble intention of making the internet better by sharing your passion for a topic of choice. You then did the usual – signed up for Google Analytics, a Facebook page, a Feedburner account, etc. Click through on any of these and you see numbers and stats thrown […]