The Big Rocks

We always have 3 types of tasks – big rocks, small rocks, and minutiae. The minutiae are the easiest to get done. We get checks on our checklist for sending our email, following up on something, and cleaning something else. We face the resistance when we do minutiae but only at about 20% of it’s […]

Staying safe

John Nicholson, a football writer, had a very good post on the (legendary?) manager of Arsenal football club, Arsene Wenger. Arsene Wenger had a few good years at the start of his tenure at Arsenal when he was seen as the “innovator” with a different approach to management and football. Over time, however, the other […]

The Highs Aren’t as High

“One of the things the professional artist gives up is the thrill of the manic high. I used to be manic, about twenty years ago, when there was a sliver of something working. Things were really brutal at work, with rejections and near-business-death experiences coming daily, and I grabbed hold of any positive feedback really […]

You can’t hide behind language

Growing up in the Indian school system, we were typically taught hacks to do better at composition. Some of these were – – Use connecters like “however,” “moreover,” “furthermore,” etc., at the start of a paragraph– Write neatly.– Use at least 3 paragraphs.– Use good language and throw in a rare word every once in […]

Implicit choices

Imagine you’ve just started a leather trading business. As it is normal practice to offer discounts to customers, you decide to offer a flat 10% discount to all customers. This is against the norm of more complicated seasonal discount schemes that your competitors offer. You decide to get rid of the complexity, figure out their […]