Time or Money

You generally have one of these in limited supply. While we are students, we have money in short supply but an abundance of time. This reverses once we start working – suddenly time becomes a bigger problem than money. Constraints never go away. We just need to stop viewing them as constraints and start thinking […]

Quaker teenagers – The 200 words project

Here’s this week’s 200 word idea from Decisive by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.. An analysis of teenager decision making showed – – 30% of teenager decisions were just statements or “yes-and-yes” decisions. E.g. “I am going to go to that party,” “I am not going to smoke.” – Another 35% were “whether-or-not” decisions. E.g. […]


“Houston, we have a problem.” versus “Hey, I think we have a problem here. I’m going to try and fix it. I’d love your help too.” It’s not just about the words. It’s about the mind set. We either walk into organizations, relationships, and groups as either renters or as owners. And, as always, we […]

Just like you

Telling a person you know someone else who looks just like them feels like a great conversation starter. But it isn’t. We know there are 6 other people on the planet who look like us but we pride ourselves in being unique. And we’d actually would prefer to hear that there’s no one like us. […]

Price and value

We deliver value when a product becomes an experience. Taking your iPhone out of it’s cover is not about the phone – it’s about the experience. It isn’t just about the packaging, the wait for the phone, or even the phone itself – the experience is more than a sum of the parts. And the […]

The newbie allowance

I was driving around in a rented car today. I’ve done this few times before in different places and the one learning that stays consistent across is that it takes a day’s worth of driving to get used to a place’s road rules and quirks. So, as was customary on a 1st day, I paused […]

Forced to natural

When you first start learning a new skill, a lot of the actual execution is forced. Your coach shows you the recommended way of doing it and you work towards copying it. Over time, however, you learn to develop your own style. You make the switch from forced to natural. This switch takes time though. […]

Prof Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on flow, intrinsic motivation, and happiness

For a person interested in psychology, human behaviour, and happiness, Prof Mihaly’s work on “flow” is the stuff of legend. It was a real honor interviewing him (it was a very memorable experience too). For all those who are reading about Prof Mihaly for the first time, I’d recommend his wonderful TED talk. About Mihaly […]