Every market/client has problems and every market/client is special

There is a nice consulting truism that serves as a reminder from time to time – every market/client has problems and every market/client is special and, most importantly, no one really understands this (especially not those people sitting in headquarters). I’ve seen this across clients and across country organizations within the same client. Every country […]

Staying in pretentious-stan

Social media has created a new country – Pretentious-stan. Here’s a prospectus – Rent: Our rents are high – we require large amounts of your time and an unwavering attitude that is focused on serving our cause. Most of your thinking time should be devoted to making the stay of our other residents comfortable. This is not all […]

The Personal Finance Learnographic

First up, the news – We, the Learnographics team, are back with a new learnographic. A learnographic, as you might have guessed, is a synthesis of learnings from a book (or a couple of books ona  topic). In the spirit of starting with “why,” I’d like to share our thesis on learnographics – We believe that our […]

Tools of the resistance

The tools of the resistance are obvious and repeated – guilt, fear, inadequacy, embarrassment, and insecurity. As Steven Pressfield shared in the war of art, Adolf Hitler found it easier to wage a world war and kill innocents rather than face the trials that would accompany his childhood dream of being an artist. Some part […]