Every time you say a yes, you are saying no. Opportunity cost – a simple concept in theory. One of the best practitioners of opportunity cost that I know of is Seth Godin. There are 2 examples that I think about from time to time. The first was when I emailed Seth asking him if he […]

 Pricing Amazon Web Services – The 200 words project

Here’s this week’s 200 word idea from The Everything Store by Brad Stone. Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows entrepreneurs to plug into Amazons Servers and use it’s computing infrastructure. The AWS team wanted to price it with a traditional monthly/yearly rental system.  But, CEO Jeff Bezos shifted the focus completely – 1. He decided to […]

Making your own agenda

When Viktor Frankl and hundreds of others were taken to a concentration camp, the Nazis had a clear plan for them – inhuman pain and perhaps painful death. Viktor Frankl, however, had different plans. He had his own agenda – understand human behavior by observing the behavior of his fellow prisoners. There were hundreds of Nazi soldiers bent […]

Integrity in action

Follow up is integrity in action. In that instance when you and I promise to follow up, we begin a test of our integrity. We’ve made a commitment. The big question – will we keep it? This follow up promise may be to ourselves or to others, may be light or serious – it doesn’t matter. The nature […]

Is failure bad?

Nikki Durkin, founder of 99dresses,  had a great post up today on the failure of her start-up. She describes the crazy journey in great detail and talks about her emotions following the failure. “Most startups fail, and yet this industry doesn’t talk about failure nearly enough. I’d encourage anyone who has failed to write about how […]

It matters!

The time and effort you put in to make the world a better place? The time you spend volunteering, being positive, giving back, creating something that others can benefit from, inspiring others, and just being of help? We know you had to fight hard to vanquish the resistance’s claims that it doesn’t matter and that it isn’t […]

The Pratfall Effect – The 200 words project

Here’s this week’s 200 word idea from Give and Take by Adam Grant In an experiment where people were asked to listen to candidates make an argument over the phone, they typically listened more carefully to the superior candidates over the average candidates. This wasn’t surprising of course. But, when each candidate was asked to say […]

When the challenges are related to a goal you care about..

..stop and give thanks. Yes, stop what you are doing and take a moment to be grateful for those sorts of challenges. The challenges will come anyway. If they’re related to your most important objectives, consider yourself very lucky. They’re inadvertently keeping you focused on the main thing – good for you. Overcome them. Win.