The five stages of productivity

Basic assumption – You have a goal or goals you are working towards. Productivity only exists when we work towards a goal. Stage 1 – Developing a clear understanding of how much time you have available in a day: You only understand this by taking on too much and stretching yourself beyond capacity. This is finite and, yet, it […]

Chasing momentum

The resistance is a powerful beast. If procrastination is one of your weapons of choice, how can you not be all powerful? 3 months back, I decided it was time I banished procrastination. I was sick and tired of it and didn’t want anything to do with it. So, the task was to make banishing procrastination habitual. After […]

The full decision making LearnoGraphic – The 200 words project

This is a re-post of sorts. I’m hopeful it falls under the category of “so good that I have to post it twice.” However, I understand that this does sound very self-flattering. I am sorry about that. After the sort of effort it took to make it (hat tip to our talented illustrator, EB, who deserved […]

Kanye West on the point of life

Rapper and entrepreneur Kanya West had a great quote recently – “The point of life is to get shit done and be happy.” This is as succinct as they come and probably as good as they come as well. As Lifehacker points out, the two feed into each other in a cycle – the more […]

Everybody makes it

I met a kindergarten head yesterday who’s been teaching kids for 31 years. Consistent with her sunny disposition, she said “Everybody makes it, Rohan. Nearly every kid I know is successful in one way or another.” I largely agreed with her. Everybody does make “it.” But, I said so then and will say so again – […]