Allowing for serendipity

Louis Pasteur discovered vaccination by accident. The idea that the same bacteria that caused disease would be the key to becoming immune to it was so ahead of its time that it would have been impossible to get there by logical thought. An accident was required. Louis Pasteur did not get there by accident though. He […]

The 2 basic principles of personal finance

1. Maximize your earning potential 2. Save as much as possible Once you have a sufficient amount saved up, the third principle is to invest wisely. Yes, tracking budgets help, good investing really matters, and optimizing tax helps too. But, none of these are useful if you don’t get the basics right. Get down to the basic principles – […]

Magnets, glue, and iron filings – why groups work and when they fail

My model for any group/tribe of people – a family, a team, a community, or a company – involves magnets, glue, and iron filings. The analogy is not perfect but I do find it very helpful in understanding why groups work and when they fail The magnet is the leader of the group. And, there generally always is a […]

A few thoughts on age

1. The concept of age is largely a mental construct. Yes, our body does change over time . However, we often exaggerate changes to suit societal norms. 2. Societies  (especially more hierarchical ones) often attach many expectations to age. There are certain expectations on how to behave and how to live. The reason for this is […]