Finding your purpose – The Clayton Christensen Process v2.0

Clayton Christensen’s excellent book – How will you measure your life? – ends with an intriguing chapter on finding your purpose (summary here). Here, Clay recommends the following 3 step process – 1) Find your likeness. Ask yourself – what would you like to be like? How would you define your ideal you? Define your likeness […]

Introducing PacMe

Every once in a while, we’re fortunate enough to have a person in our lives who challenges many of the assumptions we operate with. These people help us learn and grow by helping us think critically about why we make the choices we make. I rarely mention names on this blog. But, today, I’d like […]

The Poop process

I think our body’s poop process is awesome. I know we have an aversion to talking about or thinking about poop. Allow me to explain. Let’s think about the process for a second – we ingest a lot of material during the day. The body takes it in, makes the best out of the mixture of good and […]

Your work will get better

My first project was a neighborhood lending library as a 9 year old with 7 “partners” (read: friends). It was a painful experience since one of the partners who contributed 30% of the books threatened to walk away from time-to-time. It also was an important life lesson – beware of partnerships; they don’t look all […]

Zoom out, Zoom in and Speedo Fastskin – The 200 words project

Here’s this week’s 200 word idea from Decisive by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.. Speedo hired Fiona Fairhurst in the 90’s with one objective – design a swimsuit to make swimmers faster. Instead of zooming into the current version of swimsuits, she began “zooming out” and studying things that go really fast in the water. […]