Your own R&D lab

Companies that rely on winning based on product leadership require top quality R&D labs. These R&D labs allow them to test out various ideas and bring the best of them to the market. The most innovative companies do a great job with sustaining high quality R&D wings. Failure in the market can be very expensive and, […]

Gaining IQ points

Someone recently shared that people stuck in poverty have a lower IQ score on average than those better off. However, this IQ score goes up almost as soon as they know they’re out of their current financial condition. Researchers have posited that this is because a large portion of their mental resources are taken up by questions […]

Marathon runners and CEOs | MBA Learnings

A Google search for “CEO Marathon study” reveals a slew of articles talking about how marathon running CEO’s lead successful companies.   The study has been quoted in numerous blogs and articles since it was published. Now, let’s take a closer look at the abstract of the study (the first line will do). This study finds […]

Seeking clarity

I have a tried and tested formula for every time I feel overwhelmed. The typical situation begins a long to-do list where everything seems both urgent and important on first glance. It becomes clear that this list of tasks isn’t likely to get done in the time period I have in mind. And bam! I’ve hit that wall. I realized this […]

Unusual and sustainable

Every employee of the Ritz Carlton has $2,000 to resolve a guest issue without asking for permission. That is unusual. Almost every hotel on the planet likely has a value around customer service. How many actually walk the talk? That said, the Ritz Carlton model would not be sustainable if it didn’t have the systems to back […]

The tale of the two egg cartons – Product design trade offs

We buy basic groceries at two local supermarkets near our place – CVS and Jewel Osco. You’d think supermarkets would have nailed the basic grocery experience. But, it turns out that the egg buying experience is very different in these places.  Let’s begin by taking a look at the egg cartons. CVS goes for a cheap looking soft plastic carton while Jewel Osco […]

The importance of picking yourself

Seth Godin, as is his wont, had a thought-provoking post on choosing those who choose you a few days back. He wrote – “Pity the foolish 8-year-old boy who gives a kid just a year older the power to make his day. In that moment, being picked for the kickball team is the most important thing in the […]