Kings of Podcasting

This was back in 2006. At Odeo, a podcasting company, times were tough. Evan Williams and his team were working hard at making the concept work but were finding motivation hard to come by. One evening, at dinner, his close friend and co-worker Biz Stone asked Evan a question – “If we continued down this […]

Tech in 2014 – Looking back and looking forward

Every time I read Benedict Evan’s excellent blog, I always tell myself that I’ll come back and read it in greater depth. I finally got around to doing it and went through 2014 from Ben’s eyes and those of a few others. And, I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt. This will be long. A […]

The headband experiment

If you’re not feeling particularly good today, I’d suggest the following – tie a headband around your eye and walk around for 10 minutes. And, if that still doesn’t change your perspective, try doing a few household chores with just one hand for 10 minutes. I find that i always end up feeling really thankful […]

Ensue vs. pursue

The less help you ask for and need, the more help you get. The less money you need, the more bank loans and credit cards are offered to you The less friends you need, the more friends you make. The less you care about failure, the more you succeed. The principle here is that most good things in life can’t be […]