Ben Horowitz on adding value and not following your passion

As I’ve written here, I don’t generally watch videos of talks as I think they’re largely a waste of time. However, Ben Horowitz is an exception. Every bit of content I’ve read or watched from him has been incredibly high quality. His blog is fantastic and his book, The Hard Thing about Hard Things, is the […]

No ask, no get

The other day, my wife and I booked a ticket for the last show of The Avengers. We were, however, exhausted that evening. So, when it came time to leave for the movie, we realized we weren’t in any mood to sit through a movie. As we were wrestling with the idea of trading in $20 for […]

I am leader

The more you find a leader stressing his title, her opinion or simply the fact that he is in charge, the more you can be sure that the team or organization is suffering from a failure in leadership. When that happens, you also know that the leader in question is operating under a false assumption […]

Brain-writing – The 200 words project

Here’s this week’s 200 word idea thanks to and Prof Leigh Thompson on Brainwriting.. There are two leading problems with the average brainstorming session, as Professors Leigh Thompson and Loran Nordgren at the Kellogg School of Management explain – 1. In a typical six- or eight-person group, three people do 70 percent of the […]

Prioritizing rest

If you’re like most people, the first thing that gets de-prioritized when push comes to shove is your own body. We are always capable of pulling that all-nighter, cutting down on sleep, eating take-out to save time, and canceling our exercise plans. And, yet, our bodies never complain. Well, until they do. When I do fall […]

Cattle leadership

On one of Mandela’s long morning walks, he turned to his biographer and said – ‘You have never herded cattle, have you, Richard?’ Richard Stengel said he had not. Mandela nodded. As a young boy of eight, Mandela had spent long afternoons herding cattle for his mother or some others in the village. He explained, “You know, […]