The small things

If you see someone come in to a non critical meeting prepared and with an agenda, take notice. There are many who brush away the “small things” because they’re saving themselves for the “big things.” Why bother showing up on time for a meeting at school? I’ll do that at work. Why bother keeping up my promises […]

Huger mistakes and better processes

I make mistakes like the next man. In fact, being–forgive me–rather cleverer than most men, my mistakes tend to be correspondingly huger. | Albus Dumbledore As we grow older, and hopefully smarter and wiser, our mistakes generally become bigger. We may make fewer mistakes but the stakes are generally much higher than they used to be. That’s part of […]

Realistic job preview – The 200 words project

Here’s this week’s 200 word idea thanks to Decisive by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.. At a time when call-centers kept revisiting their hiring process because the average employee left within 3 months, Evolve tried a different approach. They called it “a realistic job preview.” On day 1, the trainers showed applicants everything negative about […]

The energy rule

There are some people and environments that give us positive energy. And, there are some people and environments that unfailingly manage to suck our energy. If we have no choice but to spend time with the latter, we need to learn to interact with a complete lack of attachment and be “matchers” rather than “givers.” When we become matchers, […]

Making policy decisions

A big part of being a good decision maker is learning how to make good policy decisions. Good policy decisions have, among other things, two attributes – 1. They understand the downstream consequences. You don’t create policy for the short term. So, policy makers spend time thinking about the downstream consequences. 2. They minimize exceptions. In doing so, decision […]

When everything is a bonus

We are wired to have our expectations rise as we take action. The more we work, the larger we think our year-end bonus ought to be. The more we care, the more we think we ought to be loved. The more effort we put in, the more success we think ought to follow. But, of course, nothing […]

3 lessons from Kung Fu Panda

I watched both the Kung Fu Panda movies this weekend. Every time I watch them, I either learn something new or re-learn something valuable. This time, I learnt – 1. There is a natural learning cycle – understand yourself, play to your strengths, practice intensely and find peace within. When Po is initially selected as […]