Writing out presentations

Every time I have a presentation that matters, I’ve learnt that I should take the time to write down a draft of what I plan to say. Even if there are slides and even if I know the key themes, it helps a great deal to be able to map all my thinking down. 2 things […]

A 3 part framework for great managers

A few friends and I discussed great managers recently. There’s plenty of literature on this. But, I find myself frustrated when I see lists of the 435 characteristics of great leaders/managers/employees. We generally don’t remember more than 3 things. So, I sought to boil it all down to 3 characteristics. After a bit of discussion, we ended […]

Silent and Loud

I came across this quote – “Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud.” The ego that arises out of insecurities makes a lot of noise attempting to announce, explain, and justify. Confidence doesn’t need all that. You know you know. I’ve found that to be very true. But, I’d never thought of it in this way. […]

The first rule about advice

Take it with a healthy pinch of salt. Nobody (not even your mom, dad or spouse) has the context you have. Nobody is free of biases. We all love our own thought processes and generally believe we are right. Nobody has to live with a decision you make in the same way you have to. […]


An idea I’ve increasingly appreciated over the past few years is “equanimity.” Equanimity is defined as a state of mental calmness or composure in difficult situations. I struggled with something approaching even a semblance of equanimity until a few years back. Highs and lows were the norm. Over time, however, thanks to all the self reflection that writing […]


It was only this morning that I realized that reviews at work are called “performance” reviews. Performance has 2 meanings – an act of staging or presenting a play, concert, or other form of entertainment and the action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function. While the second definition is what we […]


We have data and statistics thrown at us everywhere we go. And, if it is anything you do on a computer, it is likely that data has been analyzed in many ways. It is tempting to just do things that make the numbers work. Write posts that generate more hits, make management decisions that improve […]

Thinking product

I didn’t do my product review post this week. That’s because I’m struggling with 2 questions. But, before I get to the questions, I had an interesting experience after downloading the excellent Economist Espresso app. This was thanks to a reader who insisted I try out the Economist Digital subscription (thanks friend!). It has been a fantastic […]