How learning works

The best parallel for learning I’ve found is the human digestive system. So, I’ll use that analogy to illustrate how learning works. Ingestion (you + someone else who shares the idea) – This is when an idea is thrown at you. This could be in a class, in a book or in a casual conversation. The […]

Never done

The first secret to staying in good spirits consistently is to embrace the fact that we’re never really done. Sure, you can be done with cleaning your home, doing the dishes, or clearing out the task list for the day. But, you’ll only be done with those for the day. Cleaning, staying organized and getting […]

Not taking offence

A place I’ve been trying to move towards is one where I never take offence – to anything people say, do or even to things that happen to me. While I feel it does seem to be getting easier with time (maturity?), I think the factor that makes it easiest to not take offence is to simply […]

Is it a lot of work?

There are many questions we could be asking when faced with a new project – Do you think it will be a fulfilling experience? Do you think I’ll learn a lot? Do you think it’ll be meaningful? Will I be able to work with, learn from and connect with wonderful people? And, yet, more often […]


A friend of mine shared her joy at switching employers. At her old firm, she was required to come in at a particular time and leave after a particular time. She hated the daily pressure and the days inevitably felt long. At her new firm, there are no such requirements. But, she finds herself coming in […]

Disproportionate impact

I realized yesterday that a very small group of people (generally <5) have had a disproportionate impact on – – my career growth – my personal growth and learning – the number of new, valuable career connections I’ve made – my happiness at any given point of time Of course, when you get started, it […]