Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

One of my favorite cartoons growing up (and, to this day) was/is “Justice League.” There’s a nice scene in one of the episodes when the founding members decide to disband the Justice League after a bad mishap. Superman makes the case for disbanding it on their behalf. As they begin to walk away, Green Arrow – one […]

Investment returns

High investment returns come from believing things others don’t believe in. While it is tempting to believe that only financial investors and venture capitals should care, in reality, we are all investors. We all invest in people and ideas every single day. And, the bets that result in massive return (financial or otherwise) are those where […]

5 stars

Seth Godin had a wonderful post on his excellent blog this week. The two-review technique As you work on your project (your presentation, your plan, your speech, your recipe, your…) imagine that it’s the sort of thing that could be reviewed on Amazon. Now, write (actually write down) two different reviews: First, a 5 star review, […]

How work gets done

I was reminded of my preparation in the months leading into my high school final exams this morning. I was keen to do my undergraduate studies in the National University of Singapore and the criteria for admission was a good score on these exams. With exams coming up in March, the key preparation months were between September and December. […]