Would it help?

In the movie “The Bridge of Spies,” Tom Hanks’ character, James Donovan, strikes a lovely unlikely friendship with the convicted Soviet spy, Rudolph Abel. After Donovan’s first meeting with the judge, the following exchange takes place. Rudolf Abel: How did we do? James Donovan: In there? Uh, not too good. Apparently you’re not an American citizen. Rudolf Abel: […]

On writing every day

The biggest challenge involved with signing up for regular content generation is, well, content generation. Generating content becomes a lot easier if the content is tied with the news in some way. That way, there’s something new and interesting to write about every day. I would argue that every daily blog is built on the idea […]

Specific compliments

There’s a lot of focus on giving specific constructive feedback. Radical candor, etc., etc. I believe there needs to be as much of emphasis on giving specific compliments. Don’t just say – “you did well” – help people understand what they did that resulted in the compliment. A specific compliment is powerful because it can help point […]

The way of focus

The way of focus, fittingly, involves asking just one question – “Is this the best use of my time right now?” – over and over again. Asking this question automatically requires us to evaluate if we’re spending wasting time focusing on urgent items vs. important ones. It means consistently understanding and evaluating trade-offs and, then, making […]

The growing outrage surrounding Free Basics by Facebook

Newspapers in India have had full page ads like the one below asking people to support “digital equality.” The Free Basics initiative by Facebook (previously called Internet.org) provides free access to a list of 20 “basic” websites on most mobile plans. More free internet for 1.2 Billion people – all good, then. However, since the ads […]

No, not now

If you had to pick 3 words that, in combination, would change your life, it is unlikely you’d pick “No, not now.” But, they would. Such is the power of delayed gratification. Say “No, not now” to unhealthy food and we gift ourselves better health in the future. Say “No, not now” to non essential time […]

Picking people

Every human being we closely associate with is a result of a conscious or sub conscious choice we’ve made. We pick friends, life partners, colleagues, and managers. We control the picking process more in some cases than others. In cases where we didn’t directly pick a person we interact with, it was likely a result of association. If our […]