MVPs and the cringe

There’s a great quote that says something to the tune of – “If you don’t cringe when you see the first version of your product (or your minimum viable product / MVP), you shipped too late.” While this quote talks about start-up products, I would generalize and expand it to a much larger group. For example, I’d […]

Interviewing Dan Ariely

I had the privilege of interviewing the wonderful Dan Ariely in person last Wednesday. I had interviewed Dan three years ago over Skype and shared it here and the erstwhile “Real Leaders Project.” On an inspired day in January, I’d reached out to Dan if he’d be up for another Skype interview. It turned out he […]

Failure and the social sciences – The 200 words project

(concluding the “why science is hard” series – Parts I, II) Recently, a few famous psychology findings were called into question by what some have called the reproducibility crisis. The reproducibility idea seems like common sense – take a study and do it again. If you get the same result, that’s evidence that the findings […]

The annoying commentator

There’s something very nice about listening to live sports with commentary. Despite the fact that all commentary isn’t good commentary, very few of us listen to live sports without the sound. Maybe the chatter adds a social event to watching sports? Or, maybe we just want to learn more about what’s happening. While it is fantastic […]

Amateur pilots

There was a wonderful anecdote shared on The West Wing by Senator Howard Stackhouse who is just about to pull out of the Presidential race after threatening to stay in it to provoke an honest debate between the two nominees. I was telling Josh Lyman about a friend who just got his pilot’s license. He told […]